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アイセック米国アルムナイ Ken Morse氏の講演

アイセック米国アルムナイのKen Morse氏(IAS AC 69-70)が来日し、下記のセミナーで講演をされます。ご興味のある方は是非ご参加ください。

MIT Association of Japan                            日本MIT会
MIT Venture Forum of Japan presents 日本MITベンチャーフォーラム主催
M33 Seminar "Innovation or Die," but How?

第33回セミナー 『イノベーションか死か!』 その課題とは

February M33 invites Ken Morse, the Founding Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, and a great contributor to this Forum. He is joined by another impressive speaker, Dr. Yukiya Nakagawa, an engine of Innovation for IHI Corporation and its subsidiary and affiliated companies since the 1980s. Both experts will speak on the subject of driving strategic innovation in the case of large scaled corporations.

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Many Japanese CEOs often say 'Innovation or Die. But, how do they implement the innovations? We have various types of innovations, and yet the success factors are diverted. In this seminar let us review the critical factors for the original, fundamental and open innovations.

■日時/ Time and Date: 2016年2月20日(土)15:00-17:00(終了後、軽い懇親会を予定)/Feb 20 (Sat)15:00-17:00 (a light party after)

■場所: 銀座フェニックスプラザ 紙パルプ会館 3階会議室
東京都中央区銀座3-9-11/Ginza 3-9-11, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
/Kami Pulp Kaikan 3F Conference Room in the 'Ginza Phoenix Plaza'

地図: www.kamipa-kaikan.co.jp/access.html

■参加費(懇親会費含む):3000円/Participation Fee, including the networking party: ¥3000

※ 前日12:00までの事前登録をお願いいたします。オペレーションをスムーズにするため、事前登録にご協力お願いいたします。For the smooth operation, your advance registration by noon Friday 19 FEB is kindly requested.

※ MIT-VFJ正会員、日本MIT会会員で事前登録をされた方は1000円になります。事前登録 FEBなしの参加は正会員も3000円となります。ご理解のほどお願いいたします。Members of MIT-VFJ and MIT-AJ pay   ¥1000, but only when advance registration made.
Otherwise the fee becomes¥3000.

*本イベントはオープンです。どなたでもご参加いだけます。お知り合いやご友人にもご紹介ください。 This event is open to non-MIT members as well. Please bring in your friends and those who may be interested in this important and vital topic.

≪Ken Morse氏略歴≫
ここ20年強の間は、ボストンのMIT アントレプレナーセンターの創業取締役に始まり、現在のバルセロナでのESADE ビジネススクール 客員教授に至るまで、日本、ヨーロッパ、米国の大手企業や地方自治体に対して、イノベーション戦略における様々な局面で助言を行ってきた。これまで延べ160回以上来日し、北は北海道から南は九州まで、様々な大手製造業やエンジニアリング企業の活動に関わってきた。同氏曰く:「イノベーション=発明×商業化である。そのどちらかが欠けても、先には進めない」
Ken Morse is a serial entrepreneur and recognized authority on Corporate Innovation, having co-founded six innovation-driven tech firms with MIT friends and classmates. Five were successful - - either IPO or merger - - and one was a disaster. For the last 20+ years, first as Founding Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center in Boston [1996 -2009], and now as Visiting Professor at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Ken has been advising major firms and regional governments in Japan, Europe and USA on various aspects of their Innovation strategies. Ken has made more than 165 business trips to and throughout Japan, working with major manufacturing and engineering firms from Hokkaido and Honshu to Kansai and Kyushu. He also lived and worked in China for eight years during the latter half of the Cultural Revolution. Ken believes that Innovation = Invention x Commercialization: If either one is zero, no progress is made.

Dr. Yukiya Nakagawa has been an engine of Innovation for IHI Corporation and its subsidiary and affiliated companies since the 1980s. During his IHI career, he served as Head of R&D and a Board member for many years. He is the father of Innovation strategies throughout IHI. Currently, Yuki-san serves as IHI Advisor for New Business Development, Open Innovation, High Temperature materials, and welding, among others. He is on the Board of KBK, a trading company, partially owned by IHI, and is frequently called upon for advice on Innovation and Intrapreneurship by public and private companies across Japan.

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